Vinyl influence on DJing

I first started DJing on vinyl in 2014 so I consider myself to still be a beginner in the full process of becoming a maestro of a DJ. Vinyl DJing differs from digital DJing in that on vinyl you must manually sync up the two records using your hands to slow down or speed up the record. For this reason, much of the time on the stage for vinyl DJs is syncing up records.

Digital DJing, however, has different styles to offer to the overall art of vinyl collecting and vinyl DJing. You can automatically sync up tracks using digital formats. You also add a variety of effects to the songs that are playing on the fly in a performance setting. These new tools allow DJs to practice many styles that for the most part are exclusive to the digital format yet still many DJs look up to those who can DJ on vinyl as being superior.
In my opinion, it is just a different way to play music. There are many different ways and there are audiences for all of those ways. For example at local nightclubs you often won’t find DJs who are using vinyl. You will see a variety of digital formats such as Pioneer brand CDJs, a variety of all-in-one DJ mixers, and sequence pads such as drum pads.

The Vinyl Bug