Q&A With a Vinyl Collector

There are many people out there that decide to collect rare records as a hobby. I have not stumbled upon a lot of rare records but I have found a few. I also answer questions live on Facebook about my record collection and how I feel about vinyl records. This was fun to have a Q&A with people who like music and people who might not listen to much music other than what is on the radio. I have been to many record shops in the search of these rare pressings of records. Albums that included secret tracks, acapellas, instrumentals, different versions of popular songs, bootlegs, and more. All of these things give a life and meaning to a record.

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A lot of these records I found at actual record shops around the southeast. I have been to many record shops looking for good records. Sometimes the most quaint places can offer the most dope records. I decided that it would be a good idea to show off some of the records that I have acquired over time. In the above video, I show some of my favorite records and pressings. Check it out.
I went over several records including The Gorillaz, some dub reggae records, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Lil Jon, and many more. Check out the video below to listen to some of the best questions from the Q&A!

The Vinyl Bug