Article Ideas

There are several subjects matters and ideas that I would like to explore in my interactive feature article. Completing this heuristic has guided my inquiry into five different categories: media effects, vinyl resurgence, future technology, extreme sports, and over consumption of sugar. Below I will explain certain aspects I find interesting of the subjects I chose.



Media: The media provides a voice for the people of a free press society. Media can also be used by powerful people to influence decisions.There are both positive and possibly negative effects to media consumption. What are the effects that media can have on society? I am a media studies major and like to study and research the effects that media have. I like to use real life situations and events as examples for communicational theories.











Vinyl: Vinyl records are a wax medium of listening to music on a record player. This popularized the art of turntablism in the 1970’s. The form died out with the invention of laser discs all the way to digital audio files. Vinyl has since made a comeback. Why do more and more people prefer to listen on vinyl records. I started DJing on digital turntables but decided to learn vinyl DJing as well since they were making a comeback. I bought many records and acquired an old console record player. I like the medium but realize that digital files provide a more clear sound.
















Future Tech: There are many beneficial effects of the implementation of cutting edge technology but some of this tech is too expensive to produce. What are some of the cutting-edge technologies being developed? I would like to dive deeper into some of the technologies that are being developed. Many of these projects are public but not a lot of people decide to dive into the details of these technologies. I would like to look at technologies that could be beneficial to society.
















Extreme Sports: A lot of people participate in extreme sports. Some people do it for the rush and some do it competitively. I want to inquire into why people sometimes choose to risk their lives? I would also like descriptions of the near death experiences. I would like to research mountain climbers, deep sea divers, skydivers, and rock climbing, to name a few.







Sugar: More and more research is coming out showing the negative effects of over consuming sugar. Soda taxes are being implemented in cities around the United States to curb the over consumption of sugar. Diseases are a problem in society and research is being conducted in how doctors can better treat disease.