Digital Story

Imagine Music Festival was one of the biggest performances of my humble music career thus far. This digital story outlines some of the hard work and milestones I had to complete in order to make it to this great goal. I started out as a bedroom DJ practicing on my parents records which can be seen in the first couple of shots. From there I started to practice and find my way. Eventually I upgraded all my equipment and began to play outside of my bedroom. I played in small venues at first but gradually gained popularity and started to play at internationally renowned venues here in Atlanta. With great dedication and practice came my shot at making a true name for myself. I got booked for Imagine Music Festival and knew I had to play the grimiest music that I could write so I got to work.

I wasn’t sure how I would make the video since I had no access to the tech I needed to edit the video but somehow I was able to get it done in about 6 hours when I got home Monday afternoon after my 6am set time. It was a hell of a day but one of the best days I have had in a long time. I can’t wait for the opportunities that will be presented to me because of this great accomplishment.

I wanted to make sure that I could correctly show the breadth of the festival in my allotted 5 minute time constraints. This made me think about what exactly I wanted to tell in the story. My point of view was that of a come up story or a series of events that led to a big milestone. I wanted to imply the question: How did he make it to this festival? I knew that I wanted to use my own compositions and remixes for the soundtrack since I was showing myself performing.  I wanted to make my voice sound informative but I didn’t want to imply emotion that wasn’t there. This of course was an emotional experience but it was emotional because of the hard work it took to reach this goal.