Digital Story Concepts


Computer gaming is a hobby that often has a negative connotation attached to it. The PC gamer is often seen as having a beard strictly on the neck and tends to be visualized a wearing dirty clothes and having greasy hair. This is not the case. PC gaming has become so much more than just a nerdy hobby.








Truck driving is a job that is often overlooked and often viewed as dirty work. We are a consumer based society and truck drivers deliver ALL of the goods that we rely so much on. Food, clothes, electronics, and many other goods are provided to us by the hard work and extremely long hours that truck drivers endure. This is the plight of the truck driver.










Small businesses can be absolutely crucial to a community and can provide jobs and atmosphere that chain businesses simply cannot offer. Many citizens of small communities rely on small business and many people include these businesses in their daily routines.



The history of the tobacco advertising industry is filled with greed and a lack of regard for the health of the public. This ad openly advertises cigarettes to athletes. Laws have since been passed to ban the advertising of tobacco products in certain facets of the media.
























The ways we listen to music are constantly changing. The introduction of digital music files caused a major shift in how we listen to music, how it is marketed and created, and how society values music. This is all changing once again with the resurgence of vinyl as a medium to listen to music. It is as if we have entered a musical time warp.