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A Reflection on my Site thus far.

I am taken back to one of the first academic blog posts I wrote on my page. It was titled, “A 56k connection made me the man I am today”. Using the criteria from the assignment guidelines helped me to produce some of the most enlightening work I have produced. The concepts taught in this class from Aristotle’s Rhetoric to Lisa Dush’s article on content traction have given me the tools I need to create content that is interactive, engaging, and leaves the reader yearning to learn and read more. This concept of electracy, or being digitally literate, is ever present in our daily lives. I wrote about this concept in my article, “How the Human Race can be taken over by Computers”. I remember writing in that article about my grandmother not having used computers until late in her life.

My grandma now rests in the ICU of our local hospital being supported by computers. This reflection has led me to question what I believe about the world and about life in general. In my blog I explored other questions about life such as how ideas are passed down and spread through offspring. In the post, “Comic Strips have evolved like a species; Richard Dawkins agrees.” I took a look at the meme and how ideas can be passed on from generation to generation like genes. In my blog I have enjoyed writing about topics that are of interest to me and I now see this blog as a utility for my future career. I recognize the importance of this site and I will be continuing to update and add to my site indefinitely. This platform is powerful and can lead to academic and professional fulfillment in my future if I use and maintain it properly. This is why I have gone back and added a number of different features to my site such as an overhauled gallery, a new page for my musical compositions, and some minor design changes to the layout. I have also gone back to find and correct any grammatical and spelling errors. This process of course will take longer than a week to complete since I must go back to every single blog post and find and correct what is wrong. In the future of my blog I would like to have a week or a month in which I dedicate my writings toward a specific subject, whatever that may be. I am a very inquisitive person and self dialectic is key for me to find the truth that is our shared reality.  

Distribution plan

I will continue to distribute my blog on my social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. I have already been pushing my blog through those so I will just continue to do as I have done since the beginning of my site. Perhaps in the future I can offer spots on my site to friends who also blog. This would be an interesting experience to have both the idea I was thinking about above (the weekly/monthly subjects) combined with having guest bloggers on my site.

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