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Hundreds of Gallons of Beer will be Consumed.

Driving through the winding roads of Helen, Georgia is like taking a journey through space to the Rhineland. Helen is ripe with German tradition and customs. One of the biggest events of the year in Helen is the annual Oktoberfest. This brings in thousands of people to the city which bolsters the local economy. People from around the Southeast come to enjoy this annual festival.

Helen has one of the most unique markets around. The streets are scattered with shops that sell homemade goods. From glass-blowing to children’s toys, woodwork to pet rocks, you can find just about any homemade good in Helen. If you aren’t careful you may find your wallet empty! I would definitely recommend this city to anyone that appreciates world culture, good food, and good beer.

2 thoughts on “Hundreds of Gallons of Beer will be Consumed.

  1. Good job Patrick. I really enjoyed this video and your digital journey. The photos were very clear, the text helped out alot, and I really enjoyed the music.

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