Patrick Bandy is a local native of Atlanta, Georgia who wants to spread open-mindedness through the world with his music. As a fan of the mid-1990s sound of hip-hop and dance music, he has evolved and become a versatile musician and producer. Growing up, he was surrounded by musician family members who pushed him to learn to play instruments, leading him to join the school band. This laid the framework and knowledge of theory that built the foundation of his electronic music productions. Patrick’s first exposure to electronic music was Daft Punk, which created a passion and drives to create.

Patrick finds inspiration in the natural world and systems of nature. He strives to connect with people through his music on an emotional level, and to match the fundamental nature music has with humans. His passion and curiosity have led him to work hard on his music career and towards a college degree. His modest nature may overshadow his powerful drive to move forward, but his work speaks for itself.
“I remember the first time I heard the sound of a record being scratched. To some people it is damaging but to me it was music. I heard the sound in a popular Beastie Boys song called Hold It Now Hit It. I can remember trying to recreate that sound in whatever way I would, like rubbing on a windbreaker. I can remember the first time I emulated that sound I first heard by the Beastie Boys. I had a holographic playing card that I got from a cereal box. Taking my fingernail to the holographic card make a noise so similar to a vinyl being scratched. That was the day that I decided what I want to do with my life.”

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